Notice: (From the New York Times) JONES-Juliet Nicola. 35, died on Friday, June 3, 2005, after a three-year bout with cancer. She was born in Amersham, England, in 1969, to Richard and Dorothy Luke. She is survived by her daughter Katherine Juliet, sister Rebecca, mother Dorothy, father Richard and husband Richard. We will all miss her dearly. The cremation will be held at Ferncliff Crematorium in Hartsdale, on June 8, 2005, at 11 am. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in honor of Juliet to IBCResearch ( Published in the New York Times on 6/6/2005. (for a map to Ferncliff Crematorium click here)

During the service, her close friends shared thoughts and poems with us, please click here to read excerpts.

New: The Wall Street Journal recently wrote an article about women fighting breast cancer whilst pregnant where they quoted Juliet. Click here for the full text.

Alert: Juliet, Richard and Katie appeared on the Sharon Osbourne show Friday, October 17, 2003. To see the segment, please click here for high speed or here for dial-up.

Full film: To view the fine cut of the film in six parts, please visit the video section of this website.

Update: Richard, Juliet's husband, has created a photo timeline of Katie on her very own site. Please view it at

Also, Super 8 films of Juliet as a baby are now available (note: they are very large files, so give it a while):

Download the magazine-style article about Juliet's experience through December, 2002 is now available. Please click here for a .pdf version.

Welcome to the site for Juliet Jones, an extraordinary woman on an difficult journey.

In her 23rd week of pregnancy, Juliet was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer called inflammatory breast cancer, or IBC. The two weeks following were dark, she admits, but since then, she has come out fighting.

In many forms of the word, Juliet is a survivor. Beside working hard with doctors to beat her disease medically, Juliet decided to create a living legacy: she had professional photographs taken, she is the subject of a documentary film, and she is participating in the creation and updating of this site.

"It may be a morbid thought, but I just want my child to have pictures of her mum looking dignified rather than ill, so she remembers me with integrity," Juliet said. When she was first diagnosed, she said, she had a 48 percent chance of seeing her daughter's fifth birthday.

While pregnant, Juliet underwent four rounds of chemotherapy, she gave birth to Katie a month early via C-section, and a week later she endured a full mastectomy on the left side.

Currently, the news is good. Juliet is beating the odds and the results from her surgery show no sign of active disease. But, the new year brings new challenges. The doctors wish to continue with a rigorous treatment schedule. In January, she will start another intense chemo regiment for two months followed by daily radiation therapy, which will last through June, 2003. Click on the "Timeline" section to get play-by-play updates and follow Juliet as she keeps pace in her fight, all while settling into the joyous burdens of new motherhood.

My name is Joseph Van Harken and I was a graduate student of journalism at Columbia University when I first started following Juliet's story. I have since graduated and continue to track her progress. I met Juliet a few years ago through a friend while we were all on a ski trip. When my friend told me of her situation in September, I was crushed-- just a few weeks before, we had all been celebrating her pregnancy with some cocktails in the East Village of New York City. Though a depressing thought, how this could happen to such a young, vibrant woman, I kept her story in the back of my mind searching for some seed of inspiration. In late October, 2002 I called Juliet to see if she would be interested in serving as the subject of a documentary film I have to make for school. I was very nervous calling her, but her response was, to say the least, welcoming: "Funny you would call tonight," she said. "I just had professional photos taken of me and the topic came up that it be great to have someone document this time in my life... but who? was the main question." And, as they say... the rest is... well...

This site is dedicated to telling Juliet's story as it unfolds. It will stay current and updated for years to come. Most of it will be written in the thrid person, but can hear Juliet's voice in the first person within the "About" section. You also can meet Katie, see photos and experience powerful video, find information about Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC), a rare and understudied disease. And you can post your own thoughts in Juliet's "Guestbook" section.

If you have any technical questions or comments, please send an email to me.

Thank you,

Juliet Jones and Joseph Van Harken


Richard and Juliet Jones